Praise for Nourishing Traditions book

three young siblings

First of all we would like to correct an error I made (sorry I got confused) since it was only in 2013 we started putting into practice the recipes from the book “Nourishing Traditions.”

What made us hungry for change was the lack of fats that was keeping us unsatisfied with food and not satiated.

My partner and father of our three healthy children and myself have followed the recipes of both books since 2011 and we even go once per month to get fresh spring water for our family… what a great satisfaction for us!

The food we cook is the best we could ever find around here in Le Marche – Italy


I remember starting with porridge and butter because it was my partner’s favourite breakfast in Ireland, but after we went to ferment it it became incredibly lighter and good for our digestion. We began mixing it with raw cacao and raw honey for our tastes. After this we started with lots of stews (very popular in Ireland, and in Italy they are called “minestrone”) and eventually we arrived to the bone broth that kept us warm and full, especially for the kids since they need not to snack too often during the afternoon. Banana bread has been a big hit with our children, along with flourless carob cake. We have been supplementing with fermented CLO and royal butter too.

I have to say that the preparation is the most commiting part of the recipes because we were missing lots of tips, like the apple cider vinegar on the bones for the broth, or the soaking in warm water and whey for the legumes, or the dressings for the salad that are fundamental for digestion.

Once we started, we couldn’t stop using the book in our every day cooking and the results were noticable straight away. My skin totally cleared up within a few months, thanks to the fats of the butter, lard and the fermented beverages we drank such us beet-kvass, kefir and ginger ale. I was pregnant with my third child during this period and I haven’t had such beautiful skin for the last 17 years. Unfortunately my child does not like me drinking fermented drinks because his delicate stomach doesn’t react well to my breastmilk, but I can still have a bit of fermented food like the brown rice and porridge. For sure with our third child we will be using the book “Book of baby and child care”, he is only four months at the end of the month.

Please find in attachment some pictures from our daily routine.

Also the book “the fourfold path to healing” is being studied by ourselves, I personally read it every night before bed and cannot wait to use it for my emotional side…thanks Dr Cowan. I remember I didn’t know about you but when my father came back from hospital in 2011; there was a doctor at home called by me who advised him to use Iscador for his pancreas, but my dad did not…

Again a big thank you for the great service you are all doing to humanity. A bit of good we are doing too by spreading the news about spring water on


Claudia and Gavin

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